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The Luxury Seafood

Salmon "Degustation"

Salmon "Degustation"

Normálna cena €138,00 EUR
Normálna cena Zľavnená cena €138,00 EUR
zľava Vypredané
Vrátane dane. Poštovné vypočítané pri pokladni.

For the preparation of Balik Side Classic, specially selected salmon (Salmo Salar) are mildly smoked in a traditional smokehouse. The whole sides of the salmon are then painstakingly parried by hand and the bones and smoked skin are removed.

Because the exquisite, original aroma of this remarkable salmon develops best when the sides are cut into fine tranches, we offer the Balik Side Classic in pre-cut slices.

Parried, cut into tranches and portioned - the "small portion" from the whole side.

Shelf life: at least 12 days.

Store in a cool place between +2 and +5 degrees

Delivery time 4 - 6 workdays

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