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The Luxury Seafood

Royal Brittany Seafood Platter

Royal Brittany Seafood Platter

Normálna cena €230,00 EUR
Normálna cena Zľavnená cena €230,00 EUR
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This ready-to-eat platter is designed to be enjoyed by two people and contains:

  1. 6 Oysters
  2. 100g Crevette grise (Grey shrimps)
  3. 800g Crab or Spider-crab meat
  4. 500g Lobster
  5. 6 Langoustines(Scampi) size 20/30
  6. 12 Pink prawn size 60/80
  7. 120g Whelks
  8. 100g Winkle
  9. 6 Clams
  10. 1 Lemon
  11. Hand refreshing towel
  12. 12 Seaweed 

Your platter items will arrive in a sealed vacuum bag as separate items. Simply remove from the packaging and arrange your seafood platter on your favourite serving plate.

    IMPORTANT: Please place your order on Tuesday or Wednesday before 12pm to receive on Friday!

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