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The Luxury Seafood

Balik Sjomga Orange

Balik Sjomga Orange

Normálna cena €151,84 EUR
Normálna cena Zľavnená cena €151,84 EUR
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The care taken in the preparation of Sjomga Orange is testament to the perfection that Balik offers. Each of the fillets cut from the belly of the salmon is first lightly smoked, then stripped of its silvery skin and marinated with ginger, blossom honey and orange. Each ingredient contributes to the unique aromatic variety. Cut into fine medallions, it will surprise even the most demanding connoisseurs with its originality and finesse.

 Average weight: 270 g (weight varies between 245 - 275 g)

 Shelf life: at least 12 days

Cool storage between +2 and +5

Delivery time 4 - 6 workdays

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