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Wild Scampi Caviar

Wild Scampi Caviar

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Rare Shark Bay’s wild scampi caviar has a jewel-like lustre and is often described as 'Sapphires of the Ocean'.

This Blue Caviar is the roe of wild Scampi harvested in the waters of Australia. Wild scampi hold their eggs in sacs external to their bodies on the underside of the tail, which contributes to the natural salty flavour of the roe. Chefs have described the taste of Scampi Caviar as that of the ocean.

Compared to the luxurious Sturgeon Caviar, Scampi Roe has a lower fat content and therefore is not considered creamy in texture, but its firm texture can create a satisfying pop in the mouth. The natural blue roe season is only between November to March, during which the scampi are hand-harvested, their roe hand-sorted and collected with no additives other than salt. 

  • Fresh Wild Scampi Caviar

  • Product of Australia

Please Note: This product is now on pre-order only as it's out of season and will be available in small amounts only.

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