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Brittany Royal Spiny Lobster (Langouste Royale), Live

Brittany Royal Spiny Lobster (Langouste Royale), Live

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 The Brittany Royal Spiny Lobster is a product of exception like the Blue Lobster, renowned for its succulent flesh, exquisite flavour and majestic appearance. From deep, cold waters, this lobster is a noble species for gourmets.

The Royal Lobster, also called crayfish, is recognisable by its brownish spiny shell, hence its name. Its large claws, long antennae and massive body make it a prestigious lobster. When cooked, its pearly white flesh is a striking contrast to its robust shell.This Lobster will seduce the palate with its delicate, flavourful flesh. Its deliciously sweet flavour, enhanced by a subtle hint of iodine, offers an enchanting dining experience. Its firm, tender texture provides a smooth, pleasant sensation on the palate.

Important notice: Please order 1 week in advance

//The Langouste Royale follow the market price from Rungis, France//


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