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Caviar Perle Noire "Elegant"

Caviar Perle Noire "Elegant"

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The Elegant Oscietra caviar from Perle Noire is one of the most sought-after. The Oscietra come from their exclusive Gueldenstaedtii sturgeons production. Only the oldest females in our farm have currently reached maturity. Once in the mouth, the golden brown eggs roll under the palate to release their creamy delicate flavour of fresh seaweed and emits notes of almond. It deserves a prestigious tasting and it will reveal all its potential, alone, with a spoon, to discern all its subtilities. 

It is advisable to order in advance.

Sturgeon eggs, salt, E285 preservative.

Made in France, Perigord from Gueldenstaedtii sturgeons

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